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Corporate Social Responsibility

We devote ourselves to pursuing highest international standards in terms of environmental protection and social responsibilities and attach great importance to employment, occupational health and safety of our staff, since we regard this as the core of our success. We actively focus on interests of various parties in the region where our Group operates. We base our routine operations on strict compliance with the laws, moral standards and best international norm in order to alleviate adverse effects of mining operations on the residential areas and the surrounding environment.

As part of the preparation for compiling this report, we undertake a preliminary review of the material topics that have affected and continue to affect our businesses, and our actions to address them. This process focuses our reporting on the sustainability topics which we consider of interest to our key stakeholders, which include national and regional government, community members, our workforce and business partners.

Basis of preparation
The data in the Environmental, Social and Governance Report, unless otherwise stated, covers companies, assets and projects in which we have operational control (where we have full authority to implement our operating policies), but does not cover our associated companies.

Further details of the Environmental, Social and Governance Report, please refer to the latest version our annual report.


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