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Corporate Governance

The members of the board of directors (‘‘Board’’) of Greenway Mining Group Limited are set out below.
Mr. LEI Dejun Executive Director
Mr. PAN Junhong (Chairman)
Non-Executive Director
Dr. YIN Bo Non-Executive Director
Mr. CHAN Suk Ching Non-Executive Director
Mr. ZHANG Yonghua Non-Executive Director
Mr. MA Shirong Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr. CHI Hongji Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr. DONG Tao Independent Non-Executive Director

The Board has set up four committees, namely Audit Committee, Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Strategy Committee and Safety, Health and Environment Committee. The table below provides membership information of these committees on which each Board member serves.

Audit Committee
Terms of Reference
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Terms of Reference
Strategy Committee
Terms of Reference
Safety, Health and Environment Committee
Terms of Reference
LEI Dejun C C
PAN Junhong M M M
CHAN Suk Ching M M
ZHANG Yonghua M M
MA Shirong C M
CHI Hongji C M

C   Chairman of the relevant Board committee
M   Member of the relevant Board committee
Hong Kong, 2 Mar 2018

The Board determines which functions are reserved to the Board and which are delegated to senior management. It delegates appropriate aspects of its management and administrative functions to senior management. It also gives clear directions as to the powers of senior management, in particular, with respect to the circumstances where senior management must report back and obtain prior approval from the Board before making decisions or entering into any commitments on behalf of the Company. These arrangements are reviewed periodically to ensure that they remain appropriate to the needs of the Company.

Important matters are reserved to the Board for its decision, including long term objectives and strategies, extension of the Group's activities into new business areas, appointments to the Board and the board committees, annual budgets, material acquisitions and disposals, material connected transactions, material banking facilities, announcements of interim and final results and payment of dividends.

Memorandum and Articles of Association
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Procedures for Shareholders to Propose a Person for Election as a Director of the Company
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