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Investment Highlights

1. Direct access to China’s dynamic mining industry and Myanmar's fast-developing mining industry

With mines located in Yunnan Province, China and Myanmar, Greenway Mining Group Limited (“GMG”) provides investors with direct access to the dynamic growth of China’s mining sector.

Wood Mackenzie, a leading commodity consultancy firm in its 2013 October research report, forecasted the global demand for base metals to grow by 5% to 8% from 2013 to 2018. China currently accounts for about 46% of global demand for base metals, and this share is projected to rise to 52% by 2017, implying a CAGR of 8.3% in China’s demand for base metals during the period. Such demand growth is expected to be driven by China’s urbanization push and rising domestic wealth.

2. Quality asset portfolio to sustain a balanced growth

The Group owns a quality portfolio of assets strategically in production, development and exploration stages. With a large reserve of high grade base and precious metals in different stages, GMG offers investors opportunities to participate in near, medium and long term growth opportunities.

3. Prospect to be driven by organic growth and acquisitions

The Group’s prospect is expected to be driven by both organic growth and acquisitions.

For organic growth, producing mines are now running at full capacity.

The Group’s other four mining projects are now at various stages of development and exploration. They are positioned to provide healthy growth in the medium term. These mines are the Menghu Mine, the Lushan Mine, the Liziping Mine and the Dazhupeng Mine.

The Group plans to propel longer term growth through acquisitions. GMG is a mandated consolidator of the mining industry by Yunnan Provincial Government. The Group is also looking for opportunities in other regions of China and attractive acquisitions in neighbouring Asian countries.

4. High profit margins to buffer impact of commodity price volatility

As a low cost producer, GMG has enjoyed high profit margins. In 2013, the Group realized 74.2% gross profit margin. Such margin would help cushion the Group from the negative impact of volatility in commodity prices.

5. Well-established customer base

GMG’s operating assets are close to end markets, thereby reducing transportation cost and infrastructure investments. The Group has established strong relationship with customers, and secured long term off-take contracts with them.

6. Strong management team

GMG is run by a top-tier management team with proven track record and extensive expertise in technical and financial fields. The Group’s management team led the Shizishan Mine achieved commercial production in only 18 months.

The management team has strengthened the Group’s operating capabilities and financial position, as evidenced by improving operating cash flow in 2013. Solid corporate fundamentals would facilitate GMG management to execute its well-mapped out development plans and create shareholders’ value over the long term.


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